NA+DAH Webinars, Fall 2019-Fall 2021

Between Fall 2019 and Fall 2021, the Getty Advanced Workshop on Network Analysis + Digital Art History offered eleven webinars. Below please find their schedule along with the presenters and topics.

DateWorkshop PresenterWorkshop Topic
October 24, 2019S. E. Hackney
Technical Assistant, NA+DAH
Introduction to D3.js for Network Visualization
November 12, 2019Scott B. Weingart
Leadership Team, NA+DAH
Best Practices for Network Visualization
December 5, 2019Anne Helmreich
Leadership Team, NA+DAH
Database Structures and Data Reconciliation
February 19, 2020Alison Langmead
Leadership Team, NA+DAH
Digital Humanities Project Management
May 29, 2020John Ladd
Leadership Team, NA+DAH
Understanding and Interpreting Your Network
October 1, 2020Sebastian E. Ahnert
University of Cambridge
Incomplete Networks
December 3, 2020Alison Langmead
Leadership Team, NA+DAH
Robust Project Documentation in the Post-Covid Era:
A NA+DAH Working Session
April 14, 2021Léa Saint-Raymond
Ecole Normale Supérieure
Using R for Network Analysis
May 12, 2021Chris Alan Sula
Pratt Institute
Innovating Network Visualization
May 26, 2021John Ladd
Leadership Team, NA+DAH
Envisioning Network Analysis + Digital Art History Outcomes
Persistent WebinarJohn Ladd
Leadership Team, NA+DAH
Network Comparison for Humanists