The Getty Advanced Workshop on Network Analysis and Digital Art History (NA+DAH) was a Getty-Foundation-supported event that brought together art historians, network scientists, and digital humanists in order to advance research at the intersection of these fields. The workshop began in July 2019 and concluded in December 2021.

Directed by Alison Langmead, Anne Helmreich, Scott B. Weingart, and John Ladd—all scholars engaged with digital art history and network analysis—the NA+DAH workshop was originally scheduled to begin with a face-to-face convening at the University of Pittsburgh in the Summer 2019, followed by twelve months of remote collaboration, then to conclude with a final face-to-face, two-week-long, co-working event in Summer 2020. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, what was originally scheduled to last twelve months persisted over twenty-eight, sixteen of which were conducted entirely remotely.

Despite these major changes to our plans, the seven participating project teams maintained a deep engagement and focus on their research, learned advanced digital methods and project management skills, and created a close-knit interdisciplinary community. The workshop succeeded in its original goal to offer the support structure needed to conduct sophisticated research and build advanced projects at the intersection of the fields of network analysis and art history.

NA+DAH Workshop Events and Outcomes

Below please find links to further information about the events associated with the Getty Advanced Workshop on Network Analysis + Digital Art History as well as links to a few, web-available outcomes from the workshop.