Module B3: Socio-Technical Responsibility Checklist

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Now that you have done the work of documenting your project team and their responsibilities, as well as describing the full technological infrastructure of your project, you are prepared to think about how these domains intersect. The previous two modules have alluded to the importance of documenting specific needs and goals for both people and technologies. This is where you get to follow through with that work.

What project elements or accounts are certain people be responsible for? Rather than defaulting to the way things are, what is the ideal distribution of responsibilities and permissions across your technological infrastructure? Are the members of your team funded for the same lengths of time that the technologies are funded? If there are gaps, do you know how you will fill them? Are the parts of your project that you identified as significant characteristics in Module A4 securely funded and properly staffed? Does the funding and/or assignment of that team member match the responsibilities being asked of them? Is there a mismatch?

With this information in hand, you may choose to continue distributing responsibilities as you have been, but it is also possible that your work in the previous modules may indicate a more ideal distribution of technologies, responsibilities, and privileges across your project.

For each of the technological resources used in your project, for this module, you will want to determine and document the following:

  • What specific technology are you using, and what is its function on the project?
  • What member of the project team is responsible for the smooth running of this technology?
  • How is that team member funded and for how long on this project?
  • How is this particular technology funded and for how long?
  • How long is this technology needed on this project?

All of this information was produced in Modules B1 and B2. Your work here in Module B3 is to produce a mapping between them.

As you work, pay special attention to those technologies that support the significant properties that you identified for your project in Module A4. When you have completed the mapping, you may wish to highlight those technologies as sustainability priorities.

Access and Permissions

For all three areas of infrastructure mentioned above, you may also wish to note how access and permissions are granted to them. As mentioned in the previous module, documenting which team members have access to your various pieces of technological infrastructure is critical to the long-term management of a digital project. This concept will be emphasized yet again in the later Module C4: Permissions & Data Integrity. For collaborative projects that last over several years, staff turnover is not uncommon. Knowing who has access to or control over project content will help significantly in preventing unnecessary data loss. As you are thinking through all of the technologies on your project, it will be helpful to make note of the project team members who have access to them as well as the skills to manipulate them.

(Module last updated April 2018)

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