Possible Workshop Schedules

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How long does it take to run an instance of the Roadmap?

Each module of the Roadmap has a suggested time length of about 30 minutes. The exigencies of your particular project, however, including issues such as its current stage of development and how many changes are on the horizon, will require you to spend more or less time on any given area. The team’s native expertise about digital sustainability and preservation plans will also matter.

We do not recommend running the entire Socio-Technical Sustainability Roadmap workshop in one day, but understand that circumstances might require it. If this is the situation in which you find yourself, you could run the schedule designed for two half-days in one, long day. Our reasons for not recommending this plan are two-fold: (1) on this pace, the team(s) will be utterly exhausted before they reach Section C, and (2) we have found that teams benefit from a good intellectual break between Section A and the sections that follow.

Why “Documentation Consolidation?”

You will note that we suggest time for “Documentation Consolidation” at the end of Modules A5, B3, and C5. We would like to draw this action to your attention here (although we will also bring it up within the context of the modules themselves) because one of the most critical outcomes of the Socio-Technical Sustainability Roadmap for your project will be a set of written documents that will allow you to maintain a persistent, shared understanding of the current state of the project’s sustainability as well as the plans for the next three years—that is, until the Roadmap is performed again during its next iteration.

Schedule: Two Half-Days

Day One
8:30-9:00a Set-Up and Overview of Plans
9:00-9:30a Module A1
9:30-10:00a Module A2
10:00-10:30a Module A3
10:30-11:00a Module A4
11:00a-12p Module A5 and Documentation Consolidation
Day Two
8:45-9:00a Review Findings from Day One
9:00-9:30a Module B1
9:30-10:00a Module B2
10:00-10:30a Module B3 and Documentation Consolidation
10:30-11:30a Modules C1, C2, C3, and C4
11:30a-12:30p Module C5, Documentation Consolidation, and Group Reflection

Schedule: Two Full Days

Day One
8:30-9:00a Coffee and Light Fare
9:00-10:00a Facilitator introductions and Overview of the STSR
10:00-11:30a Participant Introductions & Lightning Project Presentations
11:30-12p Module A1
12:00-1p Lunch
1-1:30p Module A2
1:30-2:30p Module A3
2:30-3:00p Module A4
3:00-3:30p Coffee Break
3:30-4:00p Module A5 and Documentation Consolidation
4:00-5:00p Wrap-Up and Group Reflection
Day Two
8:30-9:00a Coffee, Review of Day One, and Overview of Day Two
9:00-9:45a Module B1
9:45-10:15a Module B2
10:15-11:00a Module B3
11:00-11:30a Module C1 and Documentation Consolidation
11:30-12:30p Lunch
12:30-1p Module C2
1-1:30p Module C3
1:30-2p Module C4
2-2:30p Coffee Break
2:30-3:30p Module C5 and Documentation Consolidation
3:30-4:30p WrapUp and Group Reflection

(Last updated June 2022)

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