Primary contacts
Alison Langmead and Josh Ellenbogen

Research Assistants
Graduate Research Assistant 2016-17: S. E. Hackney
Graduate Research Assistant, 2015-2016: Chelsea Gunn
Graduate Research Assistant, 2014-2015: Jen Donnelly
Graduate Research Assistant, 2014-2015: Nicole Coffineau
Graduate Research Assistant, 2013-2015: Aisling Quigley
Graduate Research Assistant, 2013-2014: Alexandra Oliver
Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2014-2015: Linda Lee
Undergraduate Technologist, 2014-2015: Daniel Goodstein

Transcription Assistants (2014-present)
Christopher Babu
Maureen Borden
Lily Brewer
Katie Charles-McGrath
Ashely Cipcic
Lindsay Decker
Dheeraj Jalluri
Joe Jang
Vee McGyver
Meredith North
Julie Vartanian

To cite Decomposing Bodies:
Visual Media Workshop at the University of Pittsburgh. “Decomposing Bodies Dataset, v1.” Accessed [MONTH DAY, YEAR].