About the Workshop

Workshop Schedule

The NA+DAH Workshop is a Getty Foundation-supported event that will bring together art historians, network scientists, and digital humanists to advance research at the intersection of these fields.

Directed by Alison Langmead (University of Pittsburgh), Anne Helmreich (Getty Research Institute), and Scott B. Weingart (Carnegie Mellon University)—all scholars engaged with digital art history and network analysis—the Network Analysis + Digital Art History Workshop will unfold over a full year and will be framed by two face-to-face convenings held at the University of Pittsburgh, a schedule that will allow participants to learn advanced digital methods and project management skills while fostering a close-knit interdisciplinary community. By the end of the Workshop, participants will have the expertise and support structure needed to conduct sophisticated research and build advanced projects at the intersection of network analysis and art history.

The NA+DAH workshop will welcome up to eight project teams (representing art historical, technical, and analytic expertise) for a series of in-person and video convenings, with the expectation that teams will also be working and collaborating outside the convening framework to develop and advance their research projects. It is expected that this Getty Advanced Topics in Digital Art History Workshop will lead to a significant body of research and we anticipate a potential edited volume or online repository to share its results.

Current Workshop Event Descriptions for the Teams

May 2021
Your main task is to begin brainstorming within your team about how you want to spend your remaining NA+DAH time and what deliverables you may want to produce. Maybe you would like to revise or expand something you have already started, or maybe you want to take your data and create a new article/website/course. Maybe you will all work together, or maybe team members will split up and work toward individual goals that are part of a larger whole. If you’d like to speak with John Ladd in May, simply be in touch. There will be a webinar on May 26th from 10-noon ET to talk as a community about our options. If there are specific kinds of projects/outcomes you are hoping to hear about during this planning webinar, let John know. After the webinar, all the examples we discuss will be posted on the NA+DAH site for reference.

June 2021
After we’ve talked things over at the May webinar, John will meet with each group via videoconferencing prior to our Virtual Summer Convening to discuss your plans. John will remind you as we get closer to the end of May that we need to schedule a meeting, but you are also welcome to begin scheduling some time with him now.

After this meeting, you’ll then produce a 1-to-2-page document outlining your plans for a final deliverable. These planning documents will form the basis for a great deal of discussion at the June 21-25 Virtual Summer Convening. The reason we’re asking you to do this thinking/planning in advance is because the goal of the virtual convening is for the Leadership Team to get out of the way and give you all time to talk to each other about your progress, plans, and goals for the final stretch of NA+DAH.

July 2021
This is the month when we imagine the bulk of the work on your deliverables will happen. After the June meeting, you’ll take your plans (hopefully enriched and expanded by your discussion with the other groups) and work to make them a reality. I’ll be on call not only to lend advice and expertise, but also to roll up my sleeves and help! And we can talk more about what forms that help can take.

August 2021
We thought this would be the moment when things slowed down a bit and people took a break before the school year begins. But if your schedule is different and you’d like to continue working, John will be around to help out.

September-December 2021
The pace of things will likely pick up a bit after August, and John will keep checking in with you and helping you work toward a finished product. He will follow your lead about how often we meet and work together.