Participating Project Teams

University of Pittsburgh, December 2018

American Religious Sounds Project
Leigh Bonds
Sandy Shew
Breckinridge Correspondence and Digital Texts
Trey Conatser
Sarah Dorpinghaus
Jennifer Hootman
Project website:
Dig: A History Podcast
Averill Earls, PhD, Executive Producer
Sarah Handley-Cousins, PhD, Producer
Marissa Rhodes, Producer
Elizabeth Garner Masarik, Producer
Project website:

Digital Mitford: The Mary Russell Mitford Archive
Elisa Beshero-Bondar, Principal Investigator and Technical Coordinator
Lisa Wilson, Managing Editor
Full staff:
Project website:

The Keats Library
Daniel Johnson
Julie Vecchio
Full staff:
Project website:

Repertorium of Old Bulgarian Literature and Letters
David J. Birnbaum
Andrej Bojadžiev
Anisava Miltenova
Diljana Radoslavova
Project website:

Georgia Institute of Technology, January 2019

Antioch A.M.E. Digital Archive
Julia Brock
Robin Morris
Tigner Rand
Calvin Washington
Elayne Washington Hunter
Full staff:
Project website:

Borrowers and Lenders: The Journal of Shakespeare and Appropriation
Sujata Iyengar
Matthew Kozusko
Full staff:
Project website:

Cascade Oral History Project
Rico Chapman
Candy Tate
Project website:

Digital Initiative in Social Sciences and Humanities (DISSH) at East Carolina University
Donna Kain
Irina Swain
Project website:

Project Andvari
Nancy L. Wicker
Full staff:
Project websites: and

Rulers of Venice
Heather Barnes
Jessica Wilson-Saia
Project website:

Oklahoma State University, February 2019

The American Poetry of the First World War Digital Archive
Tim Dayton, Project Director
Mark Crosby, Project Technical Director

Chant Hypertexts, and the Prosulas of the Proper of the Mass in the Beneventan Zone
Principal investigator: Luisa Nardini
Bibiana Vergine
Emily Loeffler
Project website:

HIMME: Historical Index of the Medieval Middle East
Thomas A. Carlson
Project website:

Indigenous Media Portal
Tara Carlisle
Barbara Laufersweiler
Amanda Minks
Joshua Nelson
Lina Ortega

Memorials Digital Project
Laura Matysek Wood
Jason Clark-Miller

Migration Stories: Africans in Midwestern Communities
Elizabeth MacGonagle
Ashley Carlson
Aron Muci
Emily Riley
Brian Rosenblum
Full staff:
Project website:

Brown University, April 2019

Grupo de Apoyo Mutuo (GAM) Digital Archive
Alex Galarza
Carlos Juárez Ramirez
Andrew Janco
Maynor Alvarado
Michael Zarafonetis
Full staff:
Project website:

History of Science in Latin America and the Caribbean (HOSLAC)
Julia Rodriguez
Taylor Dysart
Full staff:
Project website:

Maine Digital Collaborative
John Muthyala
Jennifer Keplinger

Mapping the Newport Experience
Molly Bruce Patterson
Ingrid Peters
Full staff:
Project website:

Modernist Journals Project
Susan Smulyan
Jeffrey Drouin
Project website:

Quilting African American Experiences in Northeast Ohio
Jewon Woo
Karin Hooks
Project website:

RICH RI Arts and Culture Fellowship
Janaya Kizzie
Amy Barlow
Project website:

What’s in a Recipe?
Heather Froehlich
Christina Riehman-Murphy
Marissa Nicosia

Brigham Young University, May 2019

Chicana/o Activism in the Southern Plains Through Time and Space
Joel Zapata
Project website:

Fairy Tales on Television
Tory Anderson
Jill Rudy
Full staff:
Project website:

Genoa Indian School Digital Reconciliation Project
Michelle Tiedje
Blake Graham
Full staff:
Project website:

London Stage Database
Mattie Burkert
Todd Hugie
Full staff:
Project website:

PhotoTech: Exploring Large Image Collections with Computer Vision
Bryce Dwyer
Melissa Gill

Rediscovering French Polemical Pamphlets: New Methods and New Perspectives
Christopher Flood
Jeremy Browne
Full staff:
Project website:

REMAP Database: Runaways Enslaved and Manumitted on the Arabian Peninsula
Alaine Hutson
Full staff:
Project website:

WOC + Lib
Lorin Jackson
LaQuanda T. Onyemeh
Full staff:
Project website: